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Command: xkeyb

XKEYB is a keyboard driver with a certain resemblance to the well-known KEYB.


xkeyb configuration file [/Xnn] [/Q] [/U] [/I][/E][/?] whereas configuration file is the country code ("GR.key" or "US.key")


/Xnn This switch should be used to explicitly set the amount of storage space to be reserved for XStrings (where nn is the memory-size indicated in bytes). /Q (Quiet), suppresses the output of LIST paragraph in configuration files. /U (Uninstall), removes the resident copy from XKeyb from memory (if installed). /E Maps extended (E0-prefixed) keys to their corresponding normal key /I Forces the installation, ignoring the current driver /? Shows the help


As with KEYB, XKEYB is also a keyboard driver for MS-DOS computers, which is installed as a memory-resident program and can be configured for different countries using parameters. However XKEYB allows many more configuration options than KEYB. Thus, you can configure XKEYB not only for different countries, but also for your own personal preferences. On the one hand XKEYB permits the free allocation of all keys on all levels (normally with SHIFT, CTRL, ALT, and CTRL-ALT), while on the other hand it offers the flexibility to define character strings to individual keys on certain levels. Furthermore for each key it can be determined separately whether it is influenced by CAPS LOCK, NUM LOCK or SCROLL LOCK, and if the SHIFT, CTRL, and ALT keys determine what values are issued. The programmer is provided with a PI (Program Interface) to XKEYB. It allows access to many of the XKEYB functions. XKEYB comes with the packet XKEYB.


XKEYB GR /X480 XKEYB /X480 GR.key

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