FreeDOS help system (hhstndrd 1.0.8 en)[switchar]

Command: switchar

SWITCHAR sets a switch character. SWITCHAR is a CONFIG.SYS / FDCONFIG.SYS command.


switchar=c Sets the default switchar to character c.


- none -


SWITCHAR sets the default switchar to the given character c, e.g. "-". Where c is a single character that is used to indicate a command line parameter in an option switch. The default is a forward slash (/). Note: This simply sets the value returned by a get switchar query, it will not effect programs that use hardcoded switch characters. The switch character is the sign before an option so that DOS knows, that the following text is an option, e.g. the "/" in dir /w. Typical switch characters are e.g. "-", "/". SWITCHAR is used by and some but by far not all external commands and drivers. SWITCHAR is a command internal to kernel.sys and needs no other file in order to work.


IN CONFIG.SYS / FDCONFIG.SYS: switchar=- Instead of dir /p you then would have to enter dir -p .

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