FreeDOS help system (hhstndrd 1.0.8 en)[ripcord]

Command: ripcord

RIPCORD is the name of the FreeDOS 1.0 Final Distribution.


ripcord [PROGRAM | ALL | BETA[6|7|8|9] | 1.0 | NA | INTERNAL] ripcord [/?] PROGRAM is the program to display version information for. Do NOT include extension, eg use FORMAT not FORMAT.EXE


The remaining choices are keywords that will display version information for the corresponding programs included on the boot disk and in the base package: ALL All programs on boot disk and in base (including INTERNAL). BETA# Only those updated in Beta [6/7/8/9]. 1.0 Only those updated in 1.0 Final. NA "standard" programs not yet available. INTERNAL programs internal to FreeCOM. /? Shows the help.


This program displays hard coded information and only reflects information for the distribution it is included with.


- none -

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