FreeDOS help system (hhstndrd 1.0.8 en)[replace]

Command: replace

REPLACE replaces files in the destination directory with files from the source directory that have the same name.


REPLACE [drive1:][path1]filename [drive2:][path2] [options] [drive1:][path1]filename Specifies the source file or files. [drive2:][path2] Specifies the directory where files are to be replaced.


/A Adds new files to destination directory. Cannot use with /S or /U switches. /H Adds or replaces hidden and system files as well as unprotected files. /N Preview mode - does not add or replace any file. /P Prompts for confirmation before replacing a file or adding a source file. /R Replaces read-only files as well as unprotected files. /S Replaces files in all subdirectories of the destination directory. Cannot use with the /A switch. /W Waits for you to insert a disk before beginning. /U Replaces (updates) only files that are older than source files. Cannot use with the /A switch. /? Shows the help.


REPLACE has the following EXITCODES (ERRORLEVEL): 0 No error. REPLACE successfully replaced or added the files. 1 Function number invalid. The computer has a version of DOS that is incompatible with REPLACE. (Not implemented at the moment!) 2 File not found. REPLACE could not find the source files. 3 Path not found. REPLACE could not find the source or destination path. 5 Access denied. The user does not have access to the source or destination files. 8 Insufficient memory. There is insufficient system memory to carry out the command. (Not implemented because not possible to handle in a high level language like C!) 11 Format invalid. The user used the wrong syntax on the command line. 29 Write fault. REPLACE could not write the destination files. 30 Read fault. REPLACE could not read the source files. 39 Insufficient disk space. There is insufficient disk space in the destination path.


replace c:\newfiles\*.* c:\fdos\bin /P /U

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