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Command: print

PRINT prints a file in the background, while you run other DOS commands.


print [options] [[drive:][path]file] [[drive:][path]file] [...] drive:path\file The file that you want to print.


/D:device Specify the name of the device to print to. If not given, Print will use the default LPT: device. /B:size Set the size of the buffer, in bytes, in the range 512-16384. The default is 512. /U:ticks The number of clock ticks, in the range 1-255, that Print is to wait for the printer to become available before printing the job. /M:ticks The maximum number of ticks for sending a single character to the printer, in the range 1-255. /S:ticks The number of clock ticks, in the range 1-255, for the background spooler process. The default is 2. Larger numbers will speed up printing but slow down other DOS programs. /Q:nn The number of files that will be allowed in the print queue, in the range 1-32. The default is 10. /T Remove all files in the print queue. Terminates the job that is currently being printed. /C Cancel jobs in the print queue. If this is used with a list of file names, only those files are removed from the queue. If this is used alone, all jobs are cancelled (although the current job isn't terminated.) /P Add a file to the print queue. If this precedes a list of files, only those files are printed. You may use /P and /C together on the same command line.


If no options are given to PRINT, only files, /P is assumed. If no options and no files are provided, print displays the contents of the print queue. This PRINT here only takes /1 /2 /3 as "/D:lpt1" etc equivalent options or a filename to print a file. Please use the free PRINTQ tool for "print file", "print /t" (clear queue incl current job), "print /c" (clear queue) and "print /p file" (add file to queue).


print c:\foo.txt c:\test.txt

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