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Command: password

PASSWORD is a password tool for DOS which administrates several users.


password [/adduser] [/login] [/remuser] [/?]


/adduser Add a new user to the program. Has to be executed first. /login Starts Login procedure. If you enter an existing user created with /adduser and his password you can start FreeDOS. /remuser Remove a user from the program. /? Shows the help.


You have to add "PASSWORD" at the beginning of the AUTOEXEC.BAT. You should add "SWITCHES=/F" at the beginning of the CONFIG.SYS to prevent a user from bypassing CONFIG.SYS / AUTOEXEC.BAT AND the password by typing "F5". You should also change the BIOS settings: Boot from HD first (don't forget to set a BIOS password) PASSWORD supports NLS (national language support).


IN COMMAND LINE: password /adduser First you have to enter the possible users and their password, then: IN CONFIG.SYS / FDCONFIG.SYS: switches=/f Add this at the beginning of config.sys to prevent a user from bypassing config.sys / autoexec.bat with the "F5" key. IN AUTOEXEC.BAT: password /login The user must enter his username and password from now on. When booting up the next time you will be asked for user name and password.

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