FreeDOS help system (hhstndrd 1.0.8 en)[listxdef]

Command: listxdef

LISTXDEF lists all current XKeyb key allocations to STDOUT.




- none -


LISTXDEF is used to output (to STDOUT) the definition file currently being used by XKEYB (including any keys defined using KEYMAN). It is most commonly used to save a custom definition file (ie. one created by loading one of the standard definition files with XKEYB then assigning additional macros using KEYMAN). This is done using the command: KEYMAN >xyz.KEY Please see the manual XKEYB.TXT for further information. RELATED COMMANDS: XKEYB Main version of XKEYB XKEYBRES "Lite" version of XKEYB KEYMAN XKeyb macro recorder LISTXDEF comes with the packet XKEYB.


listxdef > myfile.key saves all your macro definitions.

See also:

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