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Command: klib

KLIB is a librarian for KL files: groups KL files into a single library file. KLIB allows you to create libraries, list, add and remove KL files inside a library, and finally to make it no longer editable (close it).


KLIB lib_filename [{+|-}KL_filename] [/B] [/Z] [/M=manufacturer] [/D=Desc] KLIB /?


lib_filename The name of the library file KL_filename Name of the KL file to be added or removed Use + to ADD the KL file (the file should exist) Use - to REMOVE the KL file (it should be in the library) /B Avoids creating backup files /Z After the operation the library is closed and not any longer editable Manufacturer Name of the library manufacturer (creation only) Desc Description of the library (creation only)


Please read the accompanying documentation to know more about the KEY language and the output formats. KLIB has the following EXITCODES (ERRORLEVEL): 0 = okay syntax error number = syntax error number critical code number + 100 = critical code error number KLIB comes with the packet KC200.


- none -

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