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Command: kc

KC is the KEY language Keyboard descriptor files compiler. KC takes a source keyboard language descriptor file (in KEY language) and converts it into a bare KeybCB or a KL file to be used with FD-KEYB.


KC sourcefilename [outputfilename] [/B] [/?] sourcefilename The name of the source file to be opened. KEY extension is added if no extension is found. outputfilename The name of the target compiled filename. If omitted, the same filename with KL extension is created.


/B Creates bare KeybCB files, with no KL header. /? Shows the help.


Please read the accompanying documentation to know more about the KEY language and the output formats. KC comes with the packet KC200. The EXITCODES (ERRORLEVEL) are 0 for ok, the syntax error number for syntax error, and add 100 to the critical error code, for critical error codes of KC.


KC FR Compiles FR.KEY into FR.KL KC SP.KEY SP.KCB /B Compiles SP.KEY into a bare keyboard control block SP.KCB

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