FreeDOS help system (hhstndrd 1.0.8 en)[fasthelp]

Command: fasthelp (fdhelp)

FASTHELP is a fasthelp clone for FreeDOS. Displays help on topic, Linux man-pages style.


fasthelp [topic]


topic The theme you want information about. Environment: PAGER: Pager program to display a text file. HELPPATH: Directory that contains your help files. LANG: Preferred language for your help files.


Use the HELPPATH and LANG environment variables to specify the location and language of the help files respectively. The default path is ../help and default language is EN (english). There is also the PAGER environment variable, which can be used to set an alternative program for displaying text help files. Calls to fasthelp will divert text files to the PAGER program. See SET for more information on setting environment variables. Fasthelp is also named "FSUITE" or "FSUITE04" or "FS04de" (german) or "FSUITE04de" (german).


fasthelp Shows you the list of themes fasthelp edit Shows you information about edit

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