FreeDOS help system (hhstndrd 1.0.8 en)[doslfn]

Command: doslfn

DOSLFN is a program that supports long filenames in pure DOS.


doslfn [options] [switches]


Actions: (nothing) Load and/or enable TSR. /d Disable DOSLFN. /s Show status and settings. /u Unload TSR. -h Shows the help. /? Shows the help. Switches: /w{+|-} Write access /~{+|-} NameNumericTail - tilde usage (I hate snakes) /t{+|-} PreserveLongNames - tunnel effect /c{+|-} CDROM support /i{+|-} Reenter lock via InDOS flag + RESET DRIVE /r{+|-} Read-only bit for CDROM files /o[N] Set time zone N or read TZ if absent /z[:|=]table Load Unicode table (format Volkov .TBL) /m[:|=]bytes Declare size of internal heap, 600..50000 /ms[:|=]bytes Declare size of short path, 16..141 /ml[:|=]bytes Declare size of long path, 16..1024 /mn[:|=]bytes Declare size of long name, 13..512 /p[:|=]path Declare working directory for .TBL/.JLT/.386 /l{d|e} Set language (german|english) Environment: TZ=xxxNyyy Time zone N for time conversion, no DST usage


USE THIS PROGRAM AT YOUR OWN RISK, DATA LOSS MAY BE POSSIBLE! Without this program FreeDOS only supports filenames in the format 8.3 e.g. filename.txt.


doslfn loads long file name support driver doslfn /u unloads long file name support driver

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