FreeDOS help system (hhstndrd 1.0.8 en)[dosfsck]

Command: dosfsck

DOSFSCK checks and repairs DOS filesystems.


dosfsck [-aAflrtvVwy][-d path -d ...][-u path -u ...] device


-a Automatically repair the file system. -A Toggle Atari file system format. -d path Drop that file. -f Salvage unused chains to files. -l List path names. -n No-op, check non-interactively without changing. -r Interactively repair the file system. -t Test for bad clusters. -u path Try to undelete that (non-directory) file. -v Verbose mode. -V Perform a verification pass. -w Write changes to disk immediately. -y Same as -a, for compatibility with other *fsck. --help Shows the help.


Use DOSFSCK if you have problems with files / partitions. DOSFSCK supports long filenames and FAT32.


dosfsck -av c:

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