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Command: display

DISPLAY loads console codepage management capabilities.


DISPLAY devicename[:]=(hardwareType,[n|(n1[,n2]...)],[m|(m,p)]) [/V] [/C] [/NOHI]


devicename A valid device name (which is ignored in this version). Use any (such as CON). hardwareType A supported hardware type label (such as EGA or VGA) n default hardware codepage (for one hardware codepage). It will normally be 437. n1, n2,... Hardware codepages, if more than one (usually you'll have to use third party ARABIC/HEBREW drivers). m Number of buffer for prepared codepages (1 by default). p Extra hardware-specific parameter. /C ExClusive: does not load if DISPLAY is already present. /NOHI Disables usage of XMS memory for prepared codepages. /V Verbose: extended information.


Supported hardware: VGA VGA adapters. 3 subfonts will be used in any case EGA adapters. EGA Automatically determine the number of subfonts to be used. EGA 14 Force to use two sub-fonts (8x8 and 8x14). EGA 8 Force to use only one sub-font (8x8). LCD LCD adapters (same as EGA 8). For all the adapters above, the parameter p will try to force the number of subfonts to be used (1=8x8, 2=8x8,8x14, 3=8x8, 8x14, 8x16) whenever hardware allows it. CGA CGA adapter (FreeDOS GRAFTABL). Parameter p is ignored. DISPLAY produces no EXITCODES, but provides a set of errors through the int2Fh/AD03h function for each function. You should check it after each unsuccessful operation. Error code Operation Meaning -------------------------------------------------------------- 1 All Unknown function 26 Select Codepage was not prepared 26 Query No codepage was already selected 27 Select KEYB failed to change codepage 27 Query Device error 27 Prepare The codepage was not found in file 29 Select Device error 29 Prepare Device error OR XMS error 31 Prepare Source file damaged OR XMS error 31 End Prepare No Start prepare found --------------------------------------------------------------


DISPLAY CON=(VGA,437,1) VGA adapter, whose BIOS standard codepage is 437. 1 buffer for software codepage is used. This is the standard for most users. DISPLAY CON=(EGA,,2) Graphics adapter is EGA or better, but is unknown. BIOS default codepage is also unknown. Two buffers are required.

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