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Command: dir

DIR displays a list of files and subdirectories in a directory.


DIR [drive][path][filename] [/P] [/W] [/A[[:]attributes]] [/O[[:]sortorder]] [/S] [/B] [/L] [/Y] [/?] drive The drive letter, e.g. C: path The directory, e.g. \example\ filename The file to display, e.g. test.txt [drive][path][filename] Specify drive, directory, and/or files to list. (Could be enhanced file specification or multiple filespecs.)


/P Displays one page of the listing at a time /W Displays the listing in wide format /A:attributes Displays only the files and directories with the specified attributes. Default is /a:hsdar. You may use the following for attributes: h | -h Hidden files -h files that are not hidden s | -s System files -s files that are not system files d | -d Directories -d files a | -a Files with the archive -a files without the archive bit bit r | -r Read-only files -r files that are not read-only /O:sortorder Displays the listing in the specified order. Default is /O:g. You may use the following to specify the sort order: a | -a Alphabetically (A-Z) -a Alphabetically (Z-A) e | -e By extension A-Z -e Extension (Z-A) d | -d By date and time -d Date/time in reverse order. s | -s By size (smallest-biggest) -s Size (biggest-smallest) g | -g Group directories first -g Group directories last. /S Displays files in specified directory and all subdirectories. /B Uses bare format (no heading information or summary). This lists one name per line /L Displays names in lowercase /Y or /4 Display 4-digit year. /? Shows the help.


To customize the default appearance for dir, use the DIRCMD environment variable. For instance: SET DIRCMD=/w/p To override something set in DIRCMD, use a hypen ("-") on that switch at the command line. (for example /-w) DIR is a command internal to and needs no other file in order to work.


dir c:\example /p dir c:\example /w dir c:\example /O: a dir c:\fdos | more

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