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Command: autoexec.bat

AUTOEXEC.BAT is a batch file that is run automatically when DOS starts. FreeDOS also accepts other .bat names instead of AUTOEXEC.BAT. Batch files are text files, but with the .bat file extension. They can be created or edited with a text editor such as EDIT or EDLIN. To run a batch file, simply type its name at the DOS prompt, with or without the .bat extension. AUTOEXC.BAT must ALWAYS be in the root directory of the boot media.


- none - simply copy autoexec.bat into the root directory (A:\ or C:\)


- none -


FreeDOS also accepts other .bat names instead of AUTOEXEC.BAT You only have to load: "shell=DRIVE:\PATH\ /p=DRIVE:\PATH\FILENAME.bat" in CONFIG.SYS / FDCONFIG.SYS. Many FreeDOS fans use "FDAUTO.BAT" instead of "AUTOEXEC.BAT". You can use AUTOEXEC.BAT to load different .com and .exe drivers, e.g. keyboard driver, mouse driver, CD-ROM driver and so on. AUTOEXEC.BAT commands are commands that are internal to ONLY and need no other file in order to work. You can use the commands beep, cls, echo, lh, loadhigh, path, prompt and set outside of a batch file too.


IN A .BAT FILE / AUTOEXEC.BAT: lh C:\fdos\bin\mkeyb.exe lh C:\fdos\bin\ctmouse.exe

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