FreeDOS help system (hhstndrd 1.0.8 en)[_hlphelp]

Command: help

HELP is this collection of FreeDOS help files in html format. Click here if you want to know how to use the help.


HELP [options] [topic]


Basic Options: topic Show help on this topic. /M Force monochrome display. /F1 Use fancy colour scheme 1. /F2 Use fancy colour scheme 2. /A Uses ASCII instead of extended characters. /Cnnn Tell HELP the codepage is nnn, rather than let detect. /? Shows the help. Advanced Options: /O[path[file]] Overrides the help path. If no file is specified, index.htm is assumed. /Lfile Loads a file other than index.htm relative to the help path. /Htopic When the user presses F1 or clicks on "help on help" help will load this file. Default is help.htm. Environment Variables: HELPPATH Directory that contains your help files. HELPCMD Put /M, /A, F1, F2 here to make them default.


HELP is also named HTMLHELP or HHSTNDRD. Actual version: HHSTNDRD 1.0.8a en. In FreeDOS (not in internet) HELP consists of a DOS html viewer (help.exe) and the html help files. HELP supports NLS (national language support).


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apropos fasthelp fdhelp How to use the Help htmlhelp whatis ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Copyright (C) 2008 W. Spiegl. This file is derived from the FreeDOS Spec Command HOWTO. See the file H2Cpying for copying conditions.