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Command: apropos

APROPOS displays descriptions of programs based on the Appinfo (.LSM) files. Use APROPOS to find programs that are apropriate for the given subject. Use WHATIS with a program name to get a one line description of that program. Use WHATIS without a program name to get a one line description of all the external programs and utilities in your FreeDOS installation. Internal commands (commands of are not displayed.


APROPOS [options] subject Find commands related to the given subject WHATIS [options] [command] Displays a one-line description of the given command. If no command is specified, all commands and their one-line descriptions are listed WHATIS /B [options] Rebuilds the whatis database for use with WHATIS and APROPOS


/S [path] Non-default path to the lsm appinfo files. /D [path] Non-default path for whatis database location. /? Shows the help.


These are FreeDOS clones of the GNU/Linux commands "apropos and whatis" APROPOS and WHATIS base their help on the lsm files stored in the APPINFO directory. The first time it is run, APROPOS / WHATIS builds a database and stores it in the help directory in the FreeDOS installation. This database can be recreated by using: WHATIS /B


apropos edit will display a list of editors apropos disk will display a list of disk utilities whatis edit will display a short information about edit whatis will display a short information about the DOS commands

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