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Command: lh (loadhigh)

LH loads a program into the upper memory area. Since LH loads the program into high memory there remains more free space in low or conventional memory for other programs. LH is a BATCH FILE / AUTOEXEC.BAT command. It can also be used in command line.


LH [drive][path]filename [parameters] LH [/L:region1[,minsize1][;region2[,minsize2]...] [/S] [/?]] [drive][path]filename [parameters] drive The drive letter, e.g. C: path The directory, e.g. \example\ filename The name of the program to load into the upper memory area, e.g. edit.exe


/L:region1[,minsize1][;region2[,minsize2]]... Specifies the region(s) of memory into which to load the program. Region1 specifies the number of the first memory region; minsize1 specifies the minimum size, if any, for region1. Region2 and minsize2 specify the number and minimum size of the second region, if any. You can specify as many regions as you want. /S Shrinks a UMB to its minimum size while the program is loading. /? Shows the help parameters These are the options to the program that you are loading.


LH can also be used outside a batch file. To load up a driver or a program into high memory you first have to load a driver like (HIMEM), HIMEMX, JEMMEX, (EMM386) or JEMM386 in config.sys. You can also use LOADHIGH instead of LH. LH is a command internal to and needs no other file in order to work.


IN A .BAT FILE / AUTOEXEC.BAT: lh c:\fdos\bin\edit.exe

See also:

autoexec.bat batch files config.sys (emm386) (fdxms) (fdxms286) (himem) himemx install installhigh jemm386 jemmex loadhigh ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Copyright (C) 1998 Jim Hall, updated 2011 and 2020 by W. Spiegl. This file is derived from the FreeDOS Spec Command HOWTO. See the file H2Cpying for copying conditions.