Complete 8086 instruction set[RCL]


Operands: memory, immediate REG, immediate memory, CL REG, CL Rotate operand1 left through Carry Flag. The number of rotates is set by operand2. When immediate is greater then 1, assembler generates several RCL xx, 1 instructions because 8086 has machine code only for this instruction (the same principle works for all other shift/rotate instructions). Algorithm: shift all bits left, the bit that goes off is set to CF and previous value of CF is inserted to the right-most position. Example: STC ; set carry (CF=1). MOV AL, 1Ch ; AL = 00011100b RCL AL, 1 ; AL = 00111001b, CF=0. RET Flags: C O r r OF=0 if first operand keeps original sign.