Complete 8086 instruction set[index]

Complete 8086 instruction set

Quick reference: AAA AAD AAM AAS ADC ADD AND CALL CBW CLC CLD CLI CMC CMP CMPSB CMPSW CWD DAA DAS DEC DIV HLT IDIV IMUL IN INC INT INTO IRET JA JAE JB JBE JC JCXZ JE JG JGE JL JLE JMP JNA JNAE JNB JNBE JNC JNE JNG JNGE JNL JNLE JNO JNP JNS JNZ JO JP JPE JPO JS JZ LAHF LDS LEA LES LODSB LODSW LOOP LOOPE LOOPNE LOOPNZ LOOPZ MOV MOVSB MOVSW MUL NEG NOP NOT OR OUT POP POPA POPF PUSH PUSHA PUSHF RCL RCR REP REPE REPNE REPNZ REPZ RET RETF ROL ROR SAHF SAL SAR SBB SCASB SCASW SHL SHR STC STD STI STOSB STOSW SUB TEST XCHG XLATB XOR Every instruction contains an extensive description of all its operands. See the operands help to understand how to read them. ============================================================================== This is a reformatted version of the "8086 instruction set" documentation included with the EMU8086 emulator until 2010. EMU8086 is an emulator of 8086 microprocessor and integrated assembler for Windows. Converted to an AMB book by Mateusz Viste in 2020. Original EMU8086 license follows. Copyright (c) 2010 by EMU8086.COM All rights reserved. The information available in reference is copyrighted unless otherwise indicated. You are allowed to reproduce, upload, copy or translate information from this software, only under the following conditions: 1. Use of such information includes our copyright notice. 2. Use of such information includes a hyperlink to website. ==============================================================================