AMB: the Ancient Machine Book format

Copyright © 2020 Mateusz Vistelink

"All that is gold does not glitter
all that is long does not last
All that is old does not wither
not all that is over is past."

AMB stands for "Ancient Machine Book". It is an extremely lightweight file format meant to store any kind of hypertext documentation that may be comfortably viewed even on the most ancient PCs: technical manuals, books, etc. Think of it as a retro equivalent of a *.CHM help file.

This web page holds the format specification, as well as reference tools to work with the format: AMB (the reader) and AMBPACK (archive packer/unpacker). All tools are published under the terms of the MIT license.


Sample files

The samples listed below are meant to demonstrate what can be done with AMB. More titles can be found in the library.

Note: The "read online" facility is provided by a server-side PHP AMB reader unimaginatively named "phpamb". You can download it for your own usage here.

Source code and archival versions

The source code of this project is maintained and versioned on the project's SVN repository. You may also download archival versions of past releases (incl. source code) in the archive.


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