FreeDOS help system (hhstndrd 1.0.8 en)[pcisleep]

Command: pcisleep

PCISLEEP shows information about your PCI/AGP devices, scans for devices of a given class, and activates energy-saving modes, including VGA suspend, for devices. Combine it with FDAPM.


PCISLEEP L(ist), S(leep), V(ga-sleep), Qnnnn


L(ist) Shows a verbose list of PCI/AGP devices. Look up vendor/device numbers on WWW. Example: Qnnnn Shows a numerical list of all devices of class n. N must have 2 or 4 digits: Qff and Qffff show a list of classes. Example: Q02 lists your network card(s). ERRORLEVEL is the number of found devices. S(leep) Halts the CPU and puts (only) the D1/D2 sleep capable devices (see LIST output) into D1/D2 energy saving state. V(ga-sleep) does S(leep) and suspends D3 capable VGA cards. The monitor is put to (DPMS) sleep, too.


Press a key to end V or S sleep. A PCI BIOS is required.


pcisleep L pcisleep Q02 pcisleep S

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