FreeDOS help system (hhstndrd 1.0.8 en)[graphics]

Command: graphics

GRAPHICS allows the Prt-Sc (Print Screen) key to print graphics screens. GRAPHICS runs in MS GRAPHICS compatibility mode.


GRAPHICS type [options]


/B Enable processing of CGA background color 0 palette /I Print black as white and white as black (useful if lots of dark areas on screen, to save ink / toner: will print black where screen is white etc.). /LCD ignored (not yet supported). /LOW Do not load high (no MS option) /PRINTBOX:LCD ignored (not yet supported). /PRINTBOX:STD ignored (not yet supported). (try using /LCD to get an explanation displayed). These will allow you to set a screen width-to-height ratio other than 4:3, which is currently always assumed. /R Print black as black and white as white. Supported printer types: HPPCL (PCL), EPSON (ESC/P), POSTSCRIPT (PS) You can use the following for type: HP PCL compatible: HPDEFAULT (HP PCL compatible) DESKJET (HP PCL compatible) RUGGEDWRITER (HP PCL compatible) RUGGEDWRITERWIDE (HP PCL compatible) THINKJET (HP PCL compatible) EPSON compatible: EPSON Many impact/ribbon printers work with "EPSON" POSTSCRIPT compatible: LASERJET (POSTSCRIPT compatible) LASERJET II (POSTSCRIPT compatible) QUIETJET (POSTSCRIPT compatible) QUIETJETPLU (POSTSCRIPT compatible) Some of these are equivelent, such as POSTSCRIPT and PS. Unsupported types: IBM PC color ribbon printer (color1, color4, color8) IBM convertible thermal printer (thermal) IBM graphics printer (graphics[wide]) IBM proprinter IBM quietwriter


HP (GRAPH-HP - PCL) allows the following extra options: /1 Use LPT1 (default) /2 Use LPT2 /3 Use LPT3 /C For 300 dpi instead of 600 dpi /E Economy mode /R For random instead of ordered dither /? Shows the help. PS (GRAPH-PS - Postscript) allows the following extra options: /1 Use LPT1 (default) /2 Use LPT2 /3 Use LPT3 /C Compatibility mode (HP Laserjet) /E Economy mode (only 50 % density) /? Shows the help. PIN (GRAPHPIN - EPSON) allows the following extra options: /1 Use LPT1 (default) /2 Use LPT2 /3 Use LPT3 /9 9-pin mode (120x72, with /C 60x72) /C Compatibility mode (120x60dpi) /E Economy mode (only 50% density) /R Use random dither, not ordered one /X Send print data for whole lines instead of in blocks /? Shows the help. After loading the driver you can print screenshots using 'shift - PrintScreen' even in graphic modes.


graphics HPDEFAULT /low /I /E /1

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