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Command: graphics-ps, graphpin, graph-hp

The FreeDOS graphics tool.


GRAPH-PS (options) - for laser printers only (PostScript) GRAPHPIN (options) - for dot matrix printers and other ESC/P (Epson) GRAPH-HP (options) - for HP PCL 3 printers I recommend that you copy the file that fits YOUR printer to GRAPHICS.COM for better overview.


Common Options: /1 Use LPT1 (default). /2 Use LPT2. /3 Use LPT3. /B Enable processing of CGA background color 0 palette. /I Inverse printing (useful if lots of dark areas on screen, to save ink / toner: will print black where screen is white etc.). /E Economy mode: only 50% of the density. Done by reducing the distance of every color to white to 50% of the normal value. /? Shows the help screen instead of going resident - you do not need to give any options :-) Different Options: HP (GRAPH-HP - PCL) allows the following extra options: /C For 300 dpi instead of 600 dpi /R Use random dither instead of ordered dither PS (GRAPH-PS - Postscript) allows the following extra options: /C Compatibility mode (HP Laserjet) PIN (GRAPHPIN - EPSON) allows the following extra options: /9 9-pin mode (120x72, with /C 60x72) /C Compatibility mode (120x60dpi) /R Use random dither instead of ordered dither /X Send print data for whole lines instead of in blocks After loading the driver you can print screenshots using 'shift - PrintScreen' even in graphic modes.


Run the GRAPH*.COM that fits your printer - It will stay resident in the background until you reboot. You can use the 'shift PrtScr' key while GRAPH... is resident to print hardcopies (screenshots) of your graphical screen contents in all standard CGA, EGA and VGA modes. No support for high resolution modes / VESA / Hercules yet. The print canvas should fit both A4 and letter paper. The screen is printed in landscape mode: The bottom of the screen is at the left of the paper.


graph-ps /1 /e

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