FreeDOS help system (hhstndrd 1.0.8 en)[dirs]

Command: dirs

DIRS displays the contents of the directory stack.


DIRS [/?]


/? Shows the help.


DIRS displays the content of the directory stack which is filled up by PUSHD and emptied by POPD. DIRS is a command internal to and needs no other file in order to work.


this command changes the current directory to / shows: ============ =========================================cd c:\fdos\bin c:\fdos\bin pushd c:\games c:\games (and stores c:\fdos\bin) pushd c:\utils c:\utils (and stores c:\games) pushd c:\packages c:\packages (and stores c:\utils) dirs shows the directories stored by pushd: 0001=c:\fdos\bin 0002=c:\games 0003=c:\utils popd c:\utils (and removes c:\utils (0003) from directory stack) popd c:\games (and removes c:\games (0002) from directory stack) popd c:\fdos\bin (and removes c:\fdos\bin (0001) from directory stack) popd shows the message: 'Directory stack empty'

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cd chdir pushd popd ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Copyright (C) 2003 Robert Platt, updated 2007 by W. Spiegl. This file is derived from the FreeDOS Spec Command HOWTO. See the file H2Cpying for copying conditions.