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Command: ctmouse (Cutemouse)

CuteMouse (CTMOUSE) is the FreeDOS mouse driver.


ctmouse [options] LH ctmouse [options] LOADHIGH ctmouse [options]


/3 force 3-button mode (for Microsoft and PS/2 mice only). /B Cancel run if mouse services are already present. /L Swap left and right button. /M Try *old* Mouse Systems / Genius for non-PnP mice. /N Load CuteMouse as new TSR, even if CuteMouse is already loaded (useful for batch files which unload CuteMouse at end). /O Enable PS2 and BIOS USB wheel detection (might hang). /P Force PS/2 mouse mode. /R[h[v]] Horizontal / vertical resolution: h,v = 1-9, or 0 for auto. (no value = use default: auto for h, or "as h" for v). /S[c[i]] Force serial mouse mode at COM port c (c=1-4, default is COM1) with IRQ line i (i=2-7, default is IRQ4 for COM 1/3 and IRQ3 for COM 2/4). /U Uninstall driver, remove TSR from memory. /V Reverse search: find PS/2 after serial mouse. /Y Forces serial mouse search, but, unlike option /S, doesn't disable PS/2 support. /W Do not allow CuteMouse to move itself into UMB. /? Shows the help.


CTMOUSE does not support USB mice. CTMOUSE can be loaded in CONFIG.SYS / FDCONFIG.SYS or in AUTOEXEC.BAT or in the command line. CTMOUSE2 is a new branching of CuteMouse which supports the mouse wheel. It provides a wheel API (application programmer's interface), so that FreeDOS programs can use the mouse wheel. Visit the CuteMouse website at CTMOUSE has the following EXITCODES (ERRORLEVEL): 0 PS/2, Microsoft or Logitech mouse found and CTMOUSE installed; Unload successful; /? option used. 1 CTMOUSE installed in Mouse Systems mode; Unload failed because CTMOUSE was not loaded. 2 Resident part switched to PS/2, Microsoft or Logitech mode; Unload failed because driver interrupts were intercepted. 3 Resident part switched to Mouse Systems mode. 4 Mouse services already present (returned for option /B only). 5 Mouse not found; Invalid option used.


IN CONFIG.SYS / FDCONFIG.SYS: devicehigh=C:\fdos\bin\ctmouse loads ctmouse into high memory IN AUTOEXEC.BAT OR IN COMMAND LINE: lh ctmouse loads ctmouse into high memory ctmouse /u unloads the mouse driver ctmouse /? Shows the help (options)

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