FreeDOS help system (hhstndrd 1.0.8 en)[comp]

Command: comp

COMP compares two files.


COMP [/options] [drive][path]file1 [drive][path]file2 where [file1] and [file2] are file names (possibly with wild cards) or directory names. If [file2] is omitted, the current directory is assumed. drive the drive letter, e.g. C: path the directory, e.g. \example\ file1 the first file to compare, e.g. test1.txt file2 the second file to compare, e.g. test2.txt


# Do not print more than # errors per file. If # = 0, do not limit the number of errors. Default is 0 if [file1] refers to a single file, 10 if more than one file. /d Displays the differences in decimal format. Default is hex. /a Displays the differences using characters. /L Displays the line number for the differences that occur. /n=nnn Compares the first nnn lines of both files, even if the files are of difference size. /c Ignores case (default is case sensitive). /? Shows the help.


- none -


comp c:\program\help.txt c:\program\help1.txt

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