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Command: assign

ASSIGN reassigns disk operations from one drive to another.


ASSIGN [/SHADOW] [/STATUS] [/?] ASSIGN [/SHADOW] [/M] [/U] [{drive1[:]=drive2[:]}] drive1: Drive letter to be replaced, e.g. C: drive2: Drive letter to point to, e.g. D:


/SHADOW Makes ASSIGN's presence in memory difficult to detect. Subsequent uses of ASSIGN will issue a warning if the /shadow option isn't used (but still performs the command). /STATUS Display all assigned drive letters. If ASSIGN is not already loaded, a message reflects that, but ASSIGN is not loaded. /M Attempts to use Upper Memory, instead of conventional memory, to store the ASSIGN. /U Uninstall a previous installed ASSIGN. /? Shows the help.


The ':' characters are optional, between the drive letters and the equal sign '=' no whitespaces are allowed. If no drives are named, and /status or /u are not used, then assign is reinstalled (clearing all previous drive assignments). ASSIGN has the following EXITCODES (ERRORLEVEL): 0 success / help 3 aborted by user (e.g. Ctrl-C) 4 syntax error Do not use assign in combination with the following commands: diskcomp diskcopy format label print restore subst


assign B:=A: assign B=A

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